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Rotamin has been established in 1988 as a small company that is specialized in Anti-toxins for grains and feeds, and during 25 years of hard work we have succeeded to put Rotamin in a world position and to be high value product. It is exported to more than 45 countries around the world because of its integrity. Rotamin is approved by EU (70/524/eec) and in USA by FDA.



Rotamin : The Perfect Feed Additive
Mycotoxin Binder , Ammonia Adsorbent , Heavy metal Remover , Anticaking & flowability agent
CEC-Mode of Action:
Cation Exchange Capacity is a measure of cations (positively-charged ions) that a clay can catch. Since mycotoxins ,toxins,heavy metals and amonium are all positively charged , they are easily trapped by cation exchangers. Zeolite is the perceft binder with one of the highest CEC in all feed additives .Clinoptilolite in Manisa / Gördes reservoir has one of highest CEC (2.1 meq/g) in clinoptilolite resorvoirs in the world. While other binders act as a sponge absorbing vitamins , amino acids and nutrients besides mycotoxins; rotamin is a selective polar binder which has a binding affinity and selectivity for only positively charged ions (cations)like toxins , ammonia or heavy metals. It has no binding affinity for antibiotics, coccidiostats vitamins , minerals , amino acids, others nutrients and feed additives unless they are intentionally positively charged.
Rotamin : Benefits : As soon as Rotamin is mixed with the feed , it starts its fight against mycotoxins.
Economics: Reduces mortality and mycotoxicosis costs. Enables urea containing diets. Increases efficiency and cost effectiveness of ration assimilation . Easily replacable with sodium Bentonite or any other Rumen Buffers.
Application: Add to mixer with the other ingredients and mix homogeneously.
Inclusion Rates: Unless otherwise directed by your nutrition specialist :
Mycotoxin Control & Removal: 1-2 kg per ton feed
Ammonia Binding: 1-3 kg per ton feed
Aflatoxin Level (ppb) Rotamin Inclusion Rate*
             < 20                  1 kg
            20 - 40                  2 kg
Applicable Animals:
Beef and dairy cattle, poultry , sheep ,Fish .
Compatibility: Compatible with all types of feed ingredients .
Ammonia Concentration Rotamin Inclusion Rate*
             Low                 2 kg
             High               2 - 3 kg

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